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Cut-Outs and Dead Drops

Burn Notice Prompts

Cut-Outs and Dead Drops - Burn Notice Prompts
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Burn Notice
Formerly a secret santa community, winter_deaddrop has been repurposed into a writing prompt community. This community is modeled on the many, many fiction challenge communities that have come before.

In response to the challenges, please submit 100 - 1000 word responses. More than one response from an author is dandy. More than a 1000 words, that's great too. Title the post with the challenge prompt (number and word), and tag it as "weekly fic prompts". Please put any spoilers for Season 2 behind cuts for those of us without the USA network. Put any stories more than 200 words behind an lj-cut to spare the community's flist. If you don't know how to use an lj-cut, ask.

First, thanks to everyone who participated in the Prompt-athon. If you're still working on fics and such, please post them when they're done.

There seemed to a support for turning this into a weekly fanfic challenge community like what you see with ff_friday and what I've tried to do with shooting_house. A bit of background first:

All ratings and all pairings are accepted. The idea is to encourage Burn Notice fics period.

In response to the prompt, please write 100-1000 word responses --- Longer is of course, fine, but that's the length we're shooting for. Put any fic longer than 500 words behind an lj-cut. If you don't know what that is, look on the lj FAQ for it. Also, use your judgment for lj-cuts for adult material. No ratings are necessary except for "over 18" for sex/extreme violence/etc.

Questions? Comment here. (And I'll get to changing the profile page in a bit.)

Oh, if the prompts inspire graphic responses (ie icons, wallpapers, vids), feel free to post those too.

Your friendly neighborhood case officer is jebbypal.