September 23rd, 2012

(bn) Mike Westen Reads

Annual Dropathon?

I was curious to know if anyone would be interested in participating in the annual holiday exchange this year?

If there's enough interest, a sign-up post will go up on October 1st, with prompts mailed out on October 10th. There would be two check-ins; one in mid-November, the second in early December (This one mandatory), with actual fics going up/made public on December 20th (which is scheduled to be Burn Notice's season/series finale)

Additionally, I was considered using AO3 to streamline the process and make posting easier. Yay or nay to this?
(bn) Mike Westen Reads

Challenge 141: Source

100 to 1000 words about "Source"!

Challenge answers to be posted as separate entries within the community. As always, feel free

to respond to the challenge in other media forms than writing if you are so inclined (icons,


Have a word or a phrase that you think would make great fodder for fic? Comment.

Also, for those that are part of A03, there is a collection to which you can post your

challenge fics to (collections= "winter_deaddrop"). You don't have to, but feel free.